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    Hello, welcome to the Dongguan INFOR Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. website!

    The 24-hour service hotline:

    1 hour response | 12 months warranty


    Products and Solutions

    Sand grinding and overall solution choice

    The six most common hidden inferior equipment, step by step to cause your loss

    Face more losses
    INFOR can give you


    10 micron ~50 nanometer wet grinding fineness is INFOR's strengths, has the most advanced grinding machine, grinding system can use the most 0.05mm grinding media.


    All of the core components of INFOR products are selected as the top material, never fade phenomenon, to ensure the performance of the product, enhance the market competitiveness.

    Low wear

    All the parts that contact with the material are selected for high wear resistance, high strength of imported materials, with a unique processing technology, long service life.

    High efficiency and low energy consumption

    INFOR grinding machine separator are imported materials. Out of the material is fast, do not jam, under the same conditions grinding efficiency >30% is our commitment to you.

    Excellent stability

    Excellent internal design, reasonable overall design, to maximize the reduction of customer use occurs when the shutdown time.

    The most professional and timely service

    After more than ten years of efforts, the company with excellent quality, preferential prices, good after-sales service to win customers at home and abroad.

    years of fine grinding & nano wet grinding expert

    China abrasive industry leader

    Four advantages
    National 24 hours service hotline

    Company advantage

    The industry status of the outstanding

    The company is a professional engaged in the production of wet grinding material dispersion equipment enterprises;

    15 years of professional experience, the strength of the company;

    Have a senior design team, advanced processing technology, a large customer base, excellent sales team;

    Technology advantage

    The most influential wet grinding suppliers

    Has the world's leading wet grinding technology, "wet grinding and dispersion of complete sets of equipment" as the core products;

    To provide technical services and solutions for many areas, is the real master nano grinding core technology of quality suppliers;

    Achieved a number of patents and R & D results;

    Company advantage

    Efficient production capacity

    INFOR machinery to advanced production equipment, advanced processing technology for the rapid supply of customers, products sold at home and abroad more than 20 cities and regions;

    INFOR machinery to implement the plan management, focusing on process control, finished product quality 100% guarantee, for customers to create international quality products;

    Service advantage

    Perfect service system

    7*24 hours service system, so that you can at any time the problem can be the first time to solve, to ensure that the interests of customers;

    Set up a group of professional team, engaged in the design, production, sales and installation services;


    Customer witness: listen to the voice of customers
    For cooperation, I am very at ease

    For cooperation, I am very at ...

    INFOR has very good technical team, in the production process, technical problems, it w...

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    Product is worthy of our trust

    Product is worthy of our trust...

    INFOR products worth we trust, cooperation and Dongguan billion rich Machinery Technology ...

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    Look forward to the next cooperation

    Look forward to the next coope...

    INFOR has been regarded as an old partner, Dongguan INFOR MachineryTechnology Co., Ltd. is...

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    Product quality is good, efficiency is fast

    Product quality is good, effic...

    Remember the first time cooperation with INFOR, is a very tense situation, Dongguan INFOR ...

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    Dongguan INFOR Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    INFOR, founded in 1999, is located in the city of Dongguan, the most attractive city in china. Covers an area of 5000 square meters, has its own construction and planning of the plant. The company has long been committed to the ultra-fine powder wet dispersion, grinding technology and equipment research and development, equipment manufacturing and the whole of solutions for the scientific and technological type of manufacturers, 18 years of focus, eventually become a leader. Through the joint efforts of all the staff of INFOR company and sustainable development, combined with the fluid mecha...

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    • CHInano2016 nano Expo customer consultation site
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    • CHInano2016 nano Expo
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    • Suzhou Exhibition

    Letters patent

    See how Dongguan INFOR Machinery enginee...

    In the face of the current global economy is staggering forward, the Chinese economy has also made a depth adjustment. In the background of Chinas construction machinery industry, now has entered a period of steady development, all the enterprises simultane...

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    Nanometer sand mill temper, forging nano...

    In everyones impression, it is considered that sand mill is the product of grinding material, and the effect is very small in the society. But for the sand mill, a complete range of categories, each product can create a new crystallization. The products pro...

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